First time cock sucking

I thought in my first post I would describe my first time sucking cock. This was a few years ago with a friend from work.

I met Paul at work and we sort of clicked and became friends. We went to parties together, double dated (found out later we were both Bi), went to the pub, etc.

One night after the pub we went back to my place (a bedsit), I popped into the loo and when I came back Paul was sitting on my bed flicking through some porn magazines that I had under my pillow (straight porn), he laughed and said “look what I found!”. So I sat down on the bed and picked up one of the mags. After a while I started to get a hard on, from looking at the magazine and also the fact that Paul was watching me look at the porn, my cock had caught up in my underwear and I was feeling uncomfortable, so I adjusted myself. Paul saw me and said “having a wank?” and chuckled, then said “nothing to be shy about, I don’t mind you wanking in front of me”. I looked at him, then undid my jeans and pulled them down, along with my briefs. He looked at my fat cock and said “I thought so” as he undid his jeans and pulled out his cock. I couldn’t help but have a look. It was around 6 inches long, slim, with a nice curve.

We started to masturbate and I started to get hornier, until I looked at him and suggested that it might be more exciting if we masturbated each other. He smiled and moved next to me. I reached down and gripped his cock, it felt so hard. I started to stroke it and after a few minutes I had the urge to suck it. I had never sucked a cock before, never even thought about it but here I was, my lips moving towards my friends hard cock! as my lips touched hi cock he stopped me and said “I don’t suck”, I just said.. “thats ok” and slid my lips around the tip of his cock.

I had his glans in my mouth and ran my tongue over it as I started to suck, I then started to lower my head, taking more of his cock into my mouth, and he seemed to really enjoy it *smiles*. He tapped me on the head and said “lick my balls”, so I slid down his cock and started to kiss his balls, then ran my tongue over them for a few minutes, before going back to sucking his cock.

I was really enjoying having his cock sliding into my mouth and didn’t want to stop, but after around 15 minutes he pushed my head away from his cock. I thought he was going to cum so I said “you can cum in my mouth if you want to”, to which he replied…”I have already”. Apparently I was so into sucking his cock I hadn’t noticed him shooting his cum into my throat, What I think happened was as I bobbed down on his cock and sucked hard, he came and his cum went straight down my throat, Just perfect timing I suppose,¬†each time he shot a load of cum his cock was deep in my mouth and I was sucking.

After that I couldn’t get enough of his cock, I just loved to suck it!